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In-House Management Systems Training Courses

DNV offers a number of in-house management systems training courses with industry experts. Apply for ISO 45001 Migration Course, ISO Foundation Courses, ISO Internal Auditor training & Food specific courses.

DNV provides an in-house employee training service that meets the specific training needs for quality management systems and auditing services. In-house training is one of the best ways of achieving on-going skill and knowledge enhancement. Our training sessions are provided by an experienced instructor in the organization’s premises. This is a great way to allow the individuals to interact with the trainer and gain first-hand knowledge of the areas of their interest.

Benefits of Our In-House Training

Relevant and Customized Content 

The content is specifically focused on quality management systems and auditing services. This makes the training content relevant and highly focused on the area of interest. 

Highly Convenient 

In-House training is usually delivered at the organization’s premises. This saves a lot of hassle and time which is usually associated with cases where the trainees have to travel to a certain location. 

Cost Effective 

Running an in-house session can be more economical in comparison with public scheduled courses.


The courses are meticulously prepared by leading industry practitioners. The information and the structure of the training course has substantial credibility owing to the personal credentials of the associated trainers.  


The in-house training courses can be planned as full day courses or half day courses, thereby giving organizations the flexibility to manage their existing schedules 

Why Choose DNV As Your Preferred In-House Training Providers?

  • We have years of expertise in preparing training programs for quality management systems and auditing services. We provide high caliber specialist trainers and facilitators for every program we deliver.
  • We work with our clients closely for allocating the best trainers at the best cost for their specific needs. 
  • Our trainers will travel by air to reach the client’s preferred location on time for setting up the training program faster and without any obstacles or delays. 
Transition Courses
  • We offer a number of training modules to help you and your organisation to prepare for the changes to the ISO 45001:2018 management system standards. Depending on the needs and requirements of your business we can tailor the course best suited for your and your organisation.  
Foundation Courses 
  • Gain a basic understanding an overview of a standard or multiple standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 55001.  
Internal Auditor Training 
  • To train potential auditors in the principles and practices of management system auditing. Focus areas will include different stages of the audit process, and how to prepare and initiate an Internal Audit.  
Food specific courses
  • We have a number of food specific courses, such as ISO 22000 Foundation and Internal Auditor courses, Food Fraud Prevention courses, an overview of BRC Global Food Safety Standard and many more.