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Climate resilient cities - Prepared and resilient cities

Climate resilient cities prepare and increase resilience to extreme weather and other climate change risks using smart city safety and emergency planning software

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Digital solutions supporting climate resilient cities develop smart city safety strategies against climate and extreme weather risks.

Climate resilient cities

Each year, millions of people are affected by disasters caused by extreme weather and climate change. Communities focusing on climate resilience urgently need to adapt to more frequent and severe storms, heat waves, droughts, floods and other extreme weather events. Preparing and building climate resilient cities through effective planning and investments is an essential urban policy that will also give citizens better quality of life and a healthier environment. Building climate resilient cities is a complex process. Potential hazards to people, ecosystems and infrastructure vary greatly, including threats to local geography and ecological systems, and changing socioeconomic and political forces.

Smart city safety - risk-based framework

At DNV we have been developing web-based tools that combine smart data skills and deep sector knowledge to help both businesses and communities adapt to this new risk reality by sharing information and best practices to improve smart city safety. Our risk-based framework helps decision-makers prioritize investments and a new protocol to equip leaders to measure and manage community resilience. DNV aims to improve smart city safety, including environmental and climate change alertness, by translating collected data and enabling real-time monitoring of conditions, systems and risks. Our tools for climate resilient cities are based on identification of the most prominent climate hazards, including heatwaves, rising seas, storms, floods, extreme waves, ice and snow, wildfires, droughts and landslides.

Management of climate resilient cities

When disaster strikes, hazards can increase if the situation is not assessed carefully and managed based on relevant, accurate and timely information. Access to this information and analysis is a potential game changer for mitigating, managing, and building climate resilient cities that are prepared for the impacts of disasters. A digital information management system and smart city safety strategies can substantially improve emergency management through knowledge sharing, leading to more effective response operations.

DNV has developed tools for climate resilient cities and smart city safety, directly related to sustainability, climate risk and resilience assessment. The tools, Climatic Geo Enhanced Assessment of Risks (C-GEAR) and the Capacity, Emergency and Post-Emergency Management and Preparedness (CEP MAP), assist cities in improvement of their resilience to the climatic impacts.

Smart city solutions for managing extreme weather risks

C-GEAR is a web-based cloud solution that helps decision-makers manage global and local risks and impacts from extreme weather events and climate change for smart city safety. It is an integrated, state-of-the-art tool comprised of several software applications and platforms that capture, analyse and visualize climate, weather and hazard-related data. C-GEAR is an interactive platform embedded in a dynamic geographical information system (GIS).

With our smart city solution C-GEAR you can:

  • Explore climate data and climatic trends
  • Perform data analytics
  • Interactively query climate risks for a given region or infrastructure
  • Perform hazard-based rankings and identify regions where climate risks are beyond critical levels

Based on the C-GEAR core functionalities, we can provide customized, tailor-made solutions that are easily integrated within existing GIS software. The strategic geospatial methodologies and processes can provide a variety of smart city safety insights such as:

  • Better understanding of what is happening (discovery)
  • Better understanding of what can happen (predictive analytics and modelling)
  • Action to be taken – from measurement to management and better decision support

CEP MAP smart city solution

Our Capacity Emergency and Post-Emergency Management and Preparedness tool, CEP MAP, is a data-led solution for managing disaster risk via a state-of-the-art GIS platform. CEP MAP is an adaptive tool, featuring integrated real-time digital maps that can display critical information during an emergency. The software supports effective preparation, planning and response to emergencies, speeding up recovery times.

CEP MAP smart city solution allows real-time analysis, processing and assessment of spatio-temporal information to support decision-makers during a disaster. Many different stakeholders in the emergency planning chain of command can make effective plans and preparations, rapidly responding to emergency situations using CEP MAP.

CEP MAP was developed based on three founding principles for smart city solutions:

  • Digitalization of data and data processing
  • Real time meteorological or any other hazardous information and forecasts
  • Crowdsource for post emergency activities

Emergency management personnel can use CEP MAP for:

  • Training
  • Strategic positioning during a disaster
  • Assessment of the potential consequences of a disaster

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