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Safety integrity level software - SIL software - Synergi Plant

Synergi Plant - SIL is Safety Integrity Level software for managing functional safety and support IEC 61508

Safety integrity level software

Do you have control of your designed or existing safety instrument system?

The oil and gas industry has experienced a substantial increase in machine automation over the past few years. This trend will rapidly grow as the industry evolves through its next revolution, Industry 4.0, which will increase automation and data exchange through the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), big data and data analytics.

This new reality brings challenges. Safety will now depend on the correct function of electronic components or systems. How is it possible to ensure the integrity of safety systems with safety integrity level software as the use of machinery increases in the industry?

SIL software supporting IEC 61508

Our industries manage functional safety according to the standard IEC 61508 that covers functional safety of electrical, electronic and/or programmable electronic safety-related systems. A key component of IEC 61508 is the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) analysis. SIL analysis is a powerful methodology for functional safety, measuring the required performance of safety instrumented functions. Its discrete level approach (one out of a possible four) for specifying the safety integrity requirements of the safety functions makes it easy to communicate the result of the analysis to all levels in the organization.

Synergi Plant has been developed for facilitating the execution of SIL analysis. The safety integrity level software allows for the determination of required SIL, verification of compliance for different safety loop configurations and associated test frequency policy. In Synergi Plant it is possible to split the analysis into two basic steps: SIL classification analysis (required SIL determination) and SIL implementation analysis (verification of compliance for different safety loop configuration and associated test frequency policy)

The SIL software module in Synergi Plant enables you to determine economic risk and health, safety and environment (HSE) risk factors in a risk matrix for classifying and verifying the safety integrity level in your plants.

SIL software for functional safety:

  • Risk matrix of assessed and required safety integrity level (SIL)
  • Evaluation of the conformance status of SIS safety instrument system and subsystems
  • Supports application of IEC 61508 standard and IEC 61511 standards
  • User-friendly software interface for your daily work
  • DNV’s domain knowledge embedded in systematic SIL scenario generation, classification, verification and assessment methodologies
  • Flexible user-defined dashboard for easy reporting and monitoring

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