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Launching a complete toolset for managing risk and optimizing asset performance

At DNV we are bringing together world-class software from both legacy organizations, putting us in a unique position to support your future needs. For more than 40 years we have been developing world-class network analysis and simulation tools for the natural gas, petroleum and water industries. Our vision is to be the global leader in enterprise software used for managing operational risk and performance.

Synergi product portfolio

SynerGEE and SPS software products have a proud history from GL, Stoner Software and Advantica. We are now bringing them into the Synergi product portfolio. Going forward, the new product names are Synergi Gas, Synergi Electric, Synergi Liquid and Synergi Pipeline Simulator (previously SPS). From October 27, 2014 the Simulation and Optimization products will be transitioned and rebranded.

Simulation and optimization products from DNV:

The Synergi brand has been built up for more than 25 years and now includes a full product suite for asset integrity management, asset optimization and QHSE. In coming together as one family, all of the Synergi products will benefit from shared resources and development that will bring our software solutions to new levels of excellence. The Synergi software product portfolio helps the oil & gas and utility sectors design and operate their assets for optimal performance, allowing risk management that ensures the safety of people and property and reduces environmental impact. Our consultancy team helps clients identify and implement Synergi product solutions that are right for them and that help them better manage operational risk and increase asset performance. The combination of software and services supports customers in making the right decisions for their business, their stakeholders and the communities in which they exist. You can continue to expect the same product, contact persons, level of quality and responsiveness from us. There is no change in our support and services agreement and in our ambition to meet and exceed your expectations. The only change is the name and an opportunity to complement your software product(s) with other Synergi products to further improve the support for decision-making in operational risk and performance.

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