Transition to FSSC 22000 Version 6

Food safety management system

FSSC 22000 is a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked food safety standard. It is based on the widely recognized Food Safety Management System Standard ISO 22000, the industry relevant Pre-Requisite Program (PRP) and additional requirements defined by FSSC. The standard provides a complete certification scheme for Food Safety Management Systems and is aligned with the ISO approach and high-level structure.

The updated FSSC 22000 Version 6

Version 6 of FSSC 22000 was released in April 2023. The main reasons for the updated were to:

  • integrate the requirements of ISO 22003-1:2022,
  • strengthen requirements to help organizations’ deliver on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
  • and incorporate feedback from the Version 6 development survey conducted.

The updates are significant and mainly covering changes in product categories, audit duration and additional FSSC requirements in areas such as food loss and waste, quality control, equipment management, allergen management, and integration of food safety and quality culture requirements.

The audit duration requirement has been updated in line with that of ISO 22003-1:2022. For all certified organizations, the total audit duration will be reviewed and updated according to the new duration calculation rules. The new rule applies to the next planned regular audit, meaning the next surveillance or re-certification audit.

Transition timeline

Companies have a 12-month transition window. The first audits to Version 6 will commence from 1 April 2024. All certified organizations must complete the Version 6 upgrade audit before 31 March 2025.

Audits against the current FSSC 22000 Version 5.1 are allowed up until and including 31 March 2024. From 1 April 2024, all FSSC 22000 audits shall be conducted against Version 6.0 of the standard. Special rules apply if stage 1 of the audit is conducted in March 2024 and stage 2 of the audit in April 2024. For more information talk to your local DNV office.

For already certified companies, the audit to Version 6.0 will be considered an upgrade audit. Therefore, it will be a full audit against the new FSSC 22000 Version 6.0 and may be announced or unannounced to meet the 3-year unannounced audit requirements.

As your certification body, DNV is required to update and re-issue the FSSC 22000 certificate after the successful completion of a Version 6 upgrade audit. The re-issue maintains the certificate expiry date from Version 5.1.

All upgrade audits will be uploaded on the FSSC Assurance Platform within 2 months of the last day of the Version 6 upgrade audit. The upload must be completed by 31 May 2025. All Version 5.1 certificates will automatically be set to “withdrawn” after 31 May 2025.

Preparing for implementation

We recommend to start preparing for the transition as early as possible and properly plan how to implement required changes into your food management system.

Recommended steps:

  • Get to know the updated standard, focusing on the changes.
  • Train relevant personnel in your organization to ensure they understand the requirements and key changes.
  • Identify gaps to be addressed and establish an implementation plan.
  • Update your management system and implement actions.

How can DNV help?

Whether looking to transition or starting your food safety certification journey, DNV can be your partner. We offer transition and standard training, self-assessments, gap analysis and certification.


FSSC 22000 version 6

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