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Public Training Course

Knowledge fosters your ability to change. Knowledge is power!

Through our training courses you will be better equipped to implement and certify your management system, and turn risks into rewards. DNV Business Assurance team is available to help!

DNV delivers training services in over 40 countries and each year we train more than 40,000 individuals in their preferred language. Within Australia, we have been educating Australian companies for more than 10 years, have conducted more than 60 courses, on average, each year and have qualified thousands of professionals. Our local training programs are globally governed and is coupled to both trainer competence and content of the training. These courses have been approved by CQI and IRQA, thus are of a high quality and are internationally recognised. We create learning experiences that will have a positive impact on your business results, support sustainable development and help you meet new challenges. You’ll find that our courses will empower you to intrinsically search for more efficient and effective ways of operating. Our qualified auditors and trainers are familiar with the elements of a wide range of companies and industries. They have delivered courses for both public and in-house training, and educate delegates about management systems, audit coaching and reporting through relevant experience, knowledge and expertise. Those companies who can create value while meeting the world’s economic, social and environmental needs will be the successful companies of tomorrow. They have an advantage when facing an increasingly global, complex and demanding risk environment where failure is not an option. Our courses are designed to make a true business impact by training your employees on the business needs of tomorrow. By training with DNV you will be equipped with the skills necessary to identify ways to improve your operations, understand the importance of auditing, and can help manage the unpredictable. Throughout the entire process, DNV is here to support you. Even after your training we will remain by your side for when you need us, as we highly value our partnership with you. Want to partner with us? View our training options below. We look forward to partnering with you!

Why partner with DNV?  

We are one of the leading global providers of accredited management systems certification. We offer a broad portfolio of services within management system certification and related services.

You can view and register to our public training courses online. CLICK HERE!