How to transfer your certification

When is a good time to transfer?
  • Anytime. It can be done during a surveillance audit, re-certification audit or between the audits.

What do I need to have to transfer my certificate?
  • Report from previous audit and copy of your certificate. In some cases we may request additional reports.

How about my current certification agreement validity?
  • Make sure you review your current certification agreement, consider your final notice with your certification body.

How quick can the transfer be done?
  • We recommend 1-3 Months for transfer for an accredited certificate.  We will make a suitable plan for you. Please note that your current certificate status and any open non-conformities may influence the transfer time.*

What will happen to my current certificate during the transfer?
  • There are different approaches between certification bodies. We will honour the originally certified date and transfer it to a DNV GL certificate when issued.* When you decide to transfer we will take care of your certificate validity.

Will transfer cost me more than normal audit?
  • Transfer audits will normally cost the same as regular annual audit. You can find out more information by contacting our team. If possible we will integrate our transfer audit with a scheduled recertification or surveillance audit with the potential for saving audit time and associated costs.

Can I transfer all my certificates to DNV GL?
  • We offer many certifications services and can provide integrated audits in order to save you time and money. Speak to our team to find out which ones apply.

Is a transfer audit more time consuming than normal audit?
  • No, transfer audit will normally take same time as your regular annual audit. We calculate audit duration according to accreditation rules.

After transfer, when can I expect my DNV GL Certificate?
  • You should receive your certificate within a few weeks after any non-conformities have been closed. 

What is the first step? - Contact us or fill out this short form and we will be happy to give you guidance


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*This transfer process applies to UKAS accredited certificates. Please consider that any open non conformities might influence the issuance of new certificate. Please note the time between last audit and transfer audit, must not exceed 12 Months.  We can not issue a certificate valid beyond the previous certification body's expiry date without a recertification audit. This guidance is consistent with the requirements of internationally recognised mandatory documents regarding accredited management system audits. Please visit