Constant EHSQ improvement for Kemira depends on Synergi Life

Synergi Life helps Kemira reduce incidents, brings EHSQ data into one system

Benefits for Kemira

Tamara Morgan is the Global Senior System Specialits of EHSQ Systems & Tools at Kemira. As system administrator, she manages Kemira's use of Synergi Life risk management software. She leads system projects and upgrades, including development of the tool together with the areas of expertise. Responsibilities include management and analysis of the data, updating dashboards and providing support, in addition to handling access rights and employee training.

Kemira's areas of expertise are pulp and paper, water intensive industries, municipal water treatment and oil and gas. Through a global network of dedicated experts, production facilities and R&D centers, Kemira helps customers around the world to improve their product quality, resource efficiency and sustainability. The company employs more than 4500 people in over 40 locations worldwide. The company supports innovation toward more bio-based, recyclable and reusable materials.

"Safety culture is a top priority in all our locations," says Tamara. The EHSQ goals of the company are based on operational excellence and continous improvement: zero environmental harm, zero harm to people and complete customer satisfaction.

Synergi Life helps reduce incidents

"Withour Synergi Life, it would be very time-consuming and inefficient to achieve our safety goals. Synergi Life helps us reduce incidents in the long term," she says.

All of the EHSQ information is brought into one system. Synergi Life is a platform for everyone. It is used globally, across the entire company. Current Synergi Life available languages used by Kemira are English, Finnish, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Spanish, Dutch, German, French and Portuguese.

"Our data goes back to 2004. I like how you can pull pretty much anything out of the system to see charts, trending and to perform data analysis. It's very flexible. All case types and modules are customized to meet our standards and needs. Synergi Life helps us identify potential risks so we can look at proposals for improvement and do something about them."

A list of key benefits is extensive. Most importantly, Synergi Life enables Kemira to maintain a high standard in EHSQ and reduce incidents. It drives continuous safety improvement. One common and adaptable platform eliminates the need to develop and maintain local software. It eases corporate reporting.

The case types include incidents, near-misses, hazardous condition/activity, quality deviations and improvement proposals. Synergi Life is used for audit management (audit planning, internal and external audits and audit findings), environmental reporting, behaviour-based safety (BBS) observations, Management of Change project, exposure values and indicators (working hours, number of employees, production volume, etc).

Sync with Human Resources

A recent highly successful project was to align Synergi Life with the Kemira HR system. "We no longer have to set up a user for everyone starting in the company," says Tamara. "On the computer you're automatically signed in to Synergi. It knows your default location, everything is filled out and access rights are automatic, based on role. This means less information you have to fill out as a user. And we don't have to update anything when a person moves from one location to another. The system does it for you. There is also an automatic clean-up of the system by disabling employees who no longer work for us."

Mobile App and modular system

The company installed Synergi Life's Mobile App, with good results. "Reporting of incidents has increased since last year," says Tamara. "It's great, easy to use and easy to download. It's very straightforward with a one-time login. Still, it's customizable, so you can have any case type you want," she says.

Kemira also acquired the Synergi Life - Environmental Management module. This is used to collect and manage data for the annual report, for investors and stakeholders as well as voluntary programs. "We took five years of historical data from Excel, and now it's available in Synergi Life for analysis of environmental data. We are very proud - we have a system that does the math for us. We want to reduce our carbon index by 20 percent and we're hoping Synergi Life can help us," she says.


Kemira is a global chemicals company serving customers in water intensive industries. They provide expertise, application know-how and chemicals that improve customers' product quality, process and resource efficiency. Their focus is on pulp and paper, oil and gas and water treatment. In 2017, Kemira had annual revenue of around EUR 2.5 billion and 4,730 employees. Kemira shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.


  • Customer name: Kemira Oyj
  • Web address:
  • Market: Pulp & paper, Industry & water and oil & gas
  • Users: Over 4000
  • Solutions: Synergi Life software

Why we chose DNV - Digital Solutions:

  • Synergi Life was tailored to suit Kemira‚Äôs operations. The needs of an international/ Finnish chemical company were considered and Synergi Life was re-configured to meet these needs.

This is what we gained:

  • One EHSQ platform for the entire company
  • Continous improvement - people are more aware of safety culture
  • Increase in the amount of cases reported in a systematic matter
  • Eases corporate reporting
  • Gives visibility globally and systematic approach to our EHSQ reporting and follow-up
Tamara Morgan from Kemira

Without Synergi Life, it would be very time-consuming and inefficient to achieve our safety goals. Synergi Life helps us reduce incidents in the long term.

  • Tamara Morgan ,
  • Global Senior System Specialist of EHSQ Systems & Tools ,
  • Kemira

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Download and read the full customer story

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