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Reducing risk with Synergi Life

Some of the decisions I make are very important, as both lives and huge sums are at stake when dealing with traffic safety. As Synergi Life provides hard facts about the reality of things, it is easier to get my point across and it has made me more secure in my decisions.
Håkan Sjöström
  • Safety Director
  • Green Cargo

Green Cargo uses Synergi Life for risk management

The Swedish state owned logistics company Green Cargo transports goods nationally and internationally, mainly by train. They work to promote sustainable development - and with Synergi Life they are reducing risk both with regards to financial and human factors.

Benefits for Green Cargo

  • The calculated costs of Green Cargo's possible accidents went down from 24 million SEK to an estimated 11 million SEK in four years
  • The Green Cargo safety index - a product of DNV data - improved from 88.1 to 92.5 over three years. Behind this progress is a reduction of both serious accidents and incidents with low risk
  • Trough Synergi Life the database of near-miss accidents and accidents now contains about 7000 entries. These are searchable for Green Cargo's employees for them to learn and seek alternative solutions when QHSE problems occur

Top reasons why we chose Synergi Life:

  • Great cooperative spirit
  • A highly competent QHSE system

This is what we gained:

  • Smoother communication on QHSE
  • Reduced accidents and incidents
  • Reduced costs on accidents


Green Cargo is a national and international logistics company working to promote sustainable development and to supply logistics solutions that meet the requirements of customers, with 94% of goods transported on electrically powered trains. Green Cargo's entire operations carry the Good Environmental Choice label.

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