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PTT Chemical chose Synergi Life

When PTT Chemical and PTT Aromatics merged to become PTT Global Chemical, they needed to choose one leading solution for QHSE and risk management. After careful consideration, they chose DNV's Synergi Life.

When PTT Chemical and PTT Aromatics merged in 2011, the companies used different software systems for incident investigation. The new company needed one solution, and after a thorough research process PTT Global Chemical chose Synergi Life and its incident management system, the Incident Management module.

Wichean Eungpinitpong, Senior IT Analyst at PTT Global Chemical has used Synergi Life since the company acquired the solution from DNV. Since then the company has expanded the web-based solution to include the Risk Management software module and is now also implementing the risk assessment app Synergi Life Mobile App and the Excel Interface Plug-in. “We found that users are able to report and investigate incidents effectively with Synergi Life,” says Eungpinitpong. “Synergi Life is an international software solution and a web-based application. The previous software that we used was locally developed. We have many plants, and by using a web application it is easy to support and administer,” he says.

“We started the implementation with a pilot project. Six months later we deployed Synergi Life in half of our plants, and this year we plan to roll out to the remaining plants,” says Eungpinitpong. PTT Global Chemical has a total of 13 plants worldwide.

Currently, PTT Global Chemical has two areas of use for Synergi Life’s Incident Management module. Approximately 80% of their users rely on Synergi Life for plant-related incidents and 20% use it for office-related incidents. The Synergi Life version used at all plants, whether in Thailand, the US or Europe, is in English language, to ensure consistency.

“I think Synergi Life is a good platform for QHSE and business management,” he says. “Synergi Life has many modules that cover these areas, and each module has a workflow and is based on standards such as ISO. As we apply these best practices in our company they are improving our QHSE.” The number of observations has increased since the implementation of Synergi Life, with effective management of the cases.

Effective management

The number of observations has increased since the implementation of Synergi Life, with effective management of the cases.

The company is also using other software from DNV, including Synergi Plant software for risk based inspection (RBI), RCM and SIF inspection. They are also looking to purchase additional Synergi Life modules in the future.

“I think we have a good platform right now, and we also have the single work process implemented,” he says. “We are working along the same process across the whole company.”

Synergi Life is also powerful in its flexibility, being highly configurable toward internal systems. PTT Global Chemical made configurations to the software that increased the company’s benefits.

“We have an already existing Incident Input form that allows everybody to register incidents easily,” says Eungpinitpong. This form has been interfaced with Synergi Life’s Incident Module. “We plan to interface the case record to another system, our Operation Excellence Management System. We will use that in combination with Synergi Life,” he says.

Why we chose DNV:

  • Web-based solution
  • Best practice solutions
  • Configurable
  • Easy to support and administer
  • DNV is a trusted international company

This is what we gained:

  • Powerful platform for QHSE and business management
  • Easy incident registration
  • Interface with Operational Excellence Management System


PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited was founded on 19th October 2011 through the amalgamation of PTT Chemical Public Company Limited and PTT Aromatics and Refining Public Company Limited to be the chemical flagship of PTT Group.

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