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We are anticipating the new version of Synergi Life to get an incident management system that is 100 per cent, both onshore and offshore.
Steffen Myklebust
  • Information System Manager
  • Seadrill

Seadrill uses Synergi Life

Seadrill has adjusted the Synergi Life - eForm interface to its own requirements, while successfully implementing the 'offline version' of Synergi Life. This assures reporting from more employees and enables reporting from remote locations.

Seadrill is a deepwater drilling pioneer, operating in depths of up to 3000 meters. This requires highly advanced systems and experienced staff, with increased technological challenges and risks. In three years, Seadrill went from operating five to 40 rigs worldwide and more than tripled its workforce.

Their Synergi Life – Incident Management module is more important than ever. Many companies in shipping and offshore operations are experiencing slow and unreliable data connections, which is why they could do what Seadrill has done, says information system manager Steffen Myklebust. “We needed an offline registration possibility to spread Synergi Life usage to remote locations. It took three months to get eForm up and running, and after one year of use, we are very happy with the result.”

Out of some 7000 employees, about 3000 are able to report in Synergi Life. While the standard form of Synergi Life is used at the rigs in Europe, eForm is used in Asia and the Gulf of Mexico. “Synergi Life eForm can be seen as a prolongation of the normal online Synergi Life system,” says Myklebust. “Though eForm is offline, it doesn’t seem like that to the user.” They report from rigs and ships into the central system as if they were working in the normal Synergi Life system. When they click ‘submit the case’, a file is generated that is automatically e-mailed to the central database, where the Synergi Life application imports the information.

As Seadrill has many users with minimal Synergi Life training, they decided to simplify the registration process in the eForm version. It looks much like the standard Synergi Life system, but it is more user-friendly, according to Myklebust.

All fields not used were removed and users see only relevant fields for the case type. Information has been grouped in logic sections and scrolling is used instead of tabs. Input validation ensures that no important fields are skipped. The entire registration is done on one single page.

‘Now it’s as simple as it gets. Usability was the most important issue to us, but the project has also given us a solution that is more stable and easy to administer. We now have many new users who were not able to register cases before,’ says Myklebust. The next step is to use the replication module found in the new Synergi Life version. “That will be Synergi Life the way we really want it – updating at night, both ways, via satellite.”

Why we chose DNV:

  • The need for fast and reliable data
  • The need for an offline registration possibility for remote locations
  • Usability

This is what we gained:

  • A solution that is stable and easy to administer
  • One system used for our operations in 15 countries on five continents


Seadrill is a leading offshore deepwater drilling company, aiming to be an important partner in making oil and gas available in a safe and cost-effective manner. The company operates a versatile fleet of 60 units that comprise drillships, jack-ups, semi-submersibles and tender rigs for operations in shallow to ultra-deepwater areas and in harsh and benign environments.

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