First choice for Skanska: Synergi Life

Skanska chose Synergi Life

Skanska is one of the world's leading companies for construction-related services and project development.

"Skanska is the second biggest construction company in Norway, with around 4100 employees," says Arild Berglund, HSE manager at Skanska. "Synergi Life is the only integrated business solution I know that we can use to manage and reduce operational risk. It has definitely contributed to our falling rate of serious incidents. Now we are working on putting Synergi Life into use in other countries where Skanska operates as well."

Benefits for Skanska

  • Synergi Life contributed to the H1 factor (lost time injury) falling from 22 to 5 in three years
  • Synergi Life provides Skanska with a competitive edge, especially when working with main customers in the oil and gas industry that also use Synergi Life
  • Synergi Life is decisive for Skanska's ability to prevent accidents, including cost reduction benefits

Top reasons why we chose Synergi Life software:

  • DNV has implemented the software, and is now working on new solutions satisfying Skanska's particular needs, for example for reporting via personal digital assistants (PDAs)
  • The company's IT department claims this is one of the most successful IT projects they have ever been involved in
  • It reports reliability, stability and excellent service

This is what we gained:

  • Synergi Life is an invaluable tool in Skanska's QHSE work in general and plays an important role, not only financially, but also in maintaining Skanska's good reputation and overall branding
  • Synergi Life generated reports are important tools for the management in making all employees more QHSE aware, and thereby fulfilling their aims


Skanska is a leading international project development and construction company, developing offices, homes and infrastructure projects. Holds companies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, USA, UK, Poland and the Czech Republic and Central and South America with a total of about 54,000 employees.

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