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When the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, TAQA, acquired BP Netherland's gas exploration and production assets, the company quickly needed an operational risk management software system to replace the BP system Traction. After a thorough selection process, they chose Synergi Life.

The new Synergi Life system was launched only one month after the agreement was signed and 17 days after the scoping study workshop initiating the delivery of the project.

“This is our fastest implementation ever,” says Stein Olav Skarbø of DNV. “Without an approved system to secure stable operations, it may have been difficult for BP/TAQA to keep operations going. Operation disruptions can cost millions of dollars.” Jos Schiffelers, HSE Manager at TAQA Energy was impressed.

“At this point, we could feed the data into the system and track the cases, but we still had to train people, transfer historical data from our old system to Synergi Life and ensure that everything worked in a reliable manner. Still, it is definitely impressive that Synergi Life was customized to fit our company’s processes so quickly.”

The Synergi Life team made this possible, working round the clock. The system was implemented and is now used over the web, not requiring any actual installations in the Netherlands. Skarbø says the number of Synergi Life customers choosing the web-based solution is increasing. It is an efficient method and it eliminates items of expenditure, as it does not require a cumbersome IT project.

When TAQA acquired the Dutch assets, they could no longer continue to use the risk management system Traction. But HSE assistant Francisca Kramer already knew Synergi Life from previous use in BP. “Francisca was the initiator. She knew that in our situation it was a good alternative to go back to Synergi Life, which we were once forced to leave because of the internal development of the other system chosen by other parts of BP. Thus, Francisca was able to speed up the process as she had kept in touch with Synergi Life,” Schiffelers says.

To accommodate needs of swift implementation, consultants from DNV in Norway immediately went to the Netherlands to present their new application. “Of course, the system had changed a lot, it was far more user-friendly. After the presentation, it was evident that we understood one another very well right from the start. Synergi Life knows our business,” Schiffelers says.

Incident reporting software

He says the key success factors for quick implementation were good communication and the teamwork that was built on clear terms of reference. Moreover, he praises the Norwegian team for its excellent service and flexibility. TAQA Energy are currently using Synergi Life for registration of accidents, generating accident and audit reports and risk assessments. In the near future, the system will be used in relation to trending and analyses as well.

The software completely supports their safety management. TAQA Energy quickly came to realize that the functionality, especially for analyses, was better than what they had been used to.

“Synergi Life is web-based and more ahead of the game in terms of reporting and analyzing. Although we have yet to initiate the analysis part, as it requires some effort to transfer the historical data from Traction, the tool is already saving us man-hours. A risk management system is supposed to support our processes, and that is exactly what Synergi Life does,” Schiffelers says.

“It is important to remember that the work is not completed as soon as the implementation is done. Coaching is a crucial part of fully exploiting the tool,” says Schiffelers.

Provided that the system continues to be a best practice solution, Schiffelers wishes to spread the system to the rest of the TAQA company outside the Netherlands, and explore the possibility of using it as a stand-alone system worldwide, in a long-term perspective.


Dutch BP is one of the world’s largest energy companies, providing its customers withfuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, and retail services and petrochemicals products for everyday items. TAQA is a global energy investment company with strategic and financial investments in Oil & Gas, Power, Water, Infrastructure and Mining sectors across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. TAQA is listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange.


  • Customer name: TAQA Energy
  • Web address: www.taqaglobal.com
  • Market: Global energy investments
  • Solution/product: Synergi Life - Incident Manager


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TAQA Energy

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