How do we turn food challenges into food opportunities?

DNV GL seeks to answer the question at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum on June 13th-14th. The conference gathers thought leaders from all over the world to shift food systems towards greater sustainability, security, and equity within the boundaries of our planet.

The 2016 EAT Stockholm Food Forum will cover consumption and production patterns, cities, accountability, technology and innovation across the food industry. The aim of the EAT Forum is to connect the world’s experts on food, health and environment to collaborate across traditional sectors and disciplines.  

DNV GL’s Chief Technology and Sustainability manager, Bjørn Kj. Haugland is part of an exclusive list of speakers at the event, among others the Prime Minister of Samoa, directors from UN Global Compact and other UN organizations, Unilever, Nestlé, The Elders and many more.  

DNV GL’s competence, vision and strategies, both within the sustainability area and Life Sciences, makes the company a constructive player in the discussions on how the food crisis can be solved by thinking new thoughts. This is the exact focus of DNV GL’s Global Opportunity Report, which will set the scene for our contributions at the event. 

Participate in on-site sustainability innovation 

DNV GL will also be hosting a Competence Forum at the conference, focusing on how the food crisis can be turned into opportunities. DNV GL publishes a yearly Global opportunity report, where the mission is to shift the negativity around sustainability towards seeing opportunities – food security being an important part of this picture.  

The Competence Forum, hosted by DNV GL’s Life Sciences Director, Jahn Henry Løvaas, and Bjørn Kj. Haugland, will trigger your brain to thinking new thoughts on the topic in an interactive session where roundtables and speed dating will encourage you to come up with solutions. The aim is to come up with 5 opportunities within 60 minutes, to be presented at the conference later in the day.

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