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MINSHIP Shipmanagement boosts digitalization with DNV

MINSHIP Shipmanagement, based in southern Germany, has chosen DNV's ShipManager fleet management software solution for its fleet of dry cargo vessels.

MINSHIP management team and selected crewmembers
MINSHIP Shipmanagement crewmembers and Sebastian Eggert, Digital Solutions at DNV

User-friendly and integrated fleet management solution

MINSHIP is optimizing processes as they are managing a growing fleet. A key part of the optimization involves replacement of various separate systems and spreadsheets for ship management activities with a user-friendly and integrated fleet management solution.

“Our future outlook focuses on becoming more digitalized,” says MINSHIP Deputy Fleet Director Christian Altmann. “We are confident that the ShipManager solution will help to streamline our processes and standardize our data, which is especially important with our growing fleet. Our teams are working closely together, and we’re running a well-organized implementation process,” he says.

The MINSHIP implementation project includes modules for maintenance, procurement, QHSE, crewing, payroll and also services including database building and data migration.

Digitalization of fleet management

The roots of MINSHIP Shipmanagement go back to 1985. Today’s company, headquartered in Bavaria, was established by a team of experienced shipping executives in January, 2017 for the managed dry bulk fleet.

Ketil Aamnes, Regional Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Digital Solutions at DNV, says, “We welcome MINSHIP to our growing user community and look forward to implementing ShipManager. With the digitalization of their fleet management, they can enhance transparency and streamline processes and operations.”

“MINSHIP’s tender process was prepared in an extremely professional way,” says Sebastian Eggert, Principal Specialist, Ship Management & Operation, Digital Solutions at DNV. “Their sophisticated evaluation process took business processes and many aspects of the daily operation into consideration,” he says. “We are proud to have won the contract in this competitive market, bidding with other suppliers worldwide,” he says.

About ShipManager

DNV’s fleet management system supports management of vessels and fleets in all technical, operational and compliance aspects.

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