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"This solution is no longer being offered." My Care: build trust in your company’s ability to keep people safe.

In light of the current pandemic, consumers and employees need to trust that you have measures in place to ensure their safety and continued operation of your business. My CareTM provides independent assessment services to reassure your stakeholders that infection risk management is at the core of your business.

Assurance you have the right infection control measures in place
Beyond the immediate emergency response, companies are now faced with the need to rapidly develop new infection risk management processes. With safety a top priority for consumers, employees and other stakeholders, organisations must assure they have the right measures in place to keep people safe.

DNV’s proprietary My Care framework has been developed to support companies in assessing, managing and mitigating infection risk in their management systems, business processes and operations. Founded on our infection risk management approach used in hospitals, the My Care methodology demonstrates infection risk compliance in line with national requirements and industry best practice.

My Care enables readiness to deal with infectious diseases today and can also drive lasting change in your HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) policies and management systems to create long-term organisational resilience.

Whether you need to measure your system’s operational readiness or to understand its maturity and identify areas for further improvement, My Care assessments provide the necessary organisational insight and trust through readiness, maturity and bespoke assessments.

Communicating your control measures and building trust

Verification by an independent 3rd party demonstrates you have the you have the right measures in place to safeguard people. From consumers to employees, communicating evidence of your control measures is essential in building trust. MyCare assessments are issued with an assessment report and digital trustmark to use in external communication. Consumers and other stakeholders can instantly access the assessment report via a QR code for further assurance. All assessment statements are stored on our blockchain for added trust and integrity.

Benefits to your business

• Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance;

• Providing assurance to key stakeholders of your capability to manage risk;

• Building a robust management system for rapid COVID-19 response and long-term business resilience;

• Communicating to the market that you are operating a safe and secure business.


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