Board Assurance

Seeking independent assurance that will support internal self-assessment methodology

​NHS and independent sector boards need to be assured that their systems, processes and people are operating in a way that is focused on key risks and driving the delivery of objectives. Uncertainty is a huge problem within healthcare organisations, which experience change at an alarming rate. Monitor’s revised regulatory regime recommends that foundation trusts should commission an independent review of their governance arrangements every three years; boards need to continually seek independent assurance to support their internal self-assessment methodology.

  • Each board should ask itself the following questions:
  • Have you reviewed the quality and adequacy of your governance arrangements?
  • Have you reviewed the quality and adequacy of your assurance framework?
  • How are the risks against your corporate objectives being identified?
  • Are the control measures adopted implemented and effective?
  • Are you it providing the all-round assurance that you need to ensure effective corporate governance?

We can review your governance arrangements and risk assessment methodology at different levels of your organisation, to ensure that the quality assurance process is effective. We will work with you to develop a set of bespoke standards, which will help us identify areas for improvement.