Customer Management Module - Synergi Liquid

Loads hydraulic demands by importing your CIS data into the CMM database

Synergi Liquid Customer Management Module

The Synergi Liquid Customer Management Module (CMM) loads hydraulic demands by importing your Customer Information System (CIS) data into the CMM database that populates the geocoded customer demands accurately. The result is a more useful hydraulic model for performing detailed studies.

What you get with the Customer Management Module

  • Powerful network operations software tools to proactively analyse and manage network events affecting your customers
  • Tool for assigning customers and customer demand
  • Ability to identify major demands in selected areas
  • Predefined reports keeping you informed of all processes and results

Key benefits of the Customer Management Module

  • You can quickly obtain a list of customers assigned to pipes and nodes and view within Synergi Liquid
  • Customer assignment and analysis capabilities, interfaces with your billing or Customer Information System
  • CMM considers pipe diameter or material in addition to XY coordinates during assignment process
  • Can identify proper main when multiple mains are in proximity
  • Allows quick transfer of demand information from CIS to Synergi Liquid model
  • Enables you to populate model with correct demand loading scenarios to increase your modelling speed
  • You can use time-varying profiles to distinguish customers with varying water usage patterns and distribute demand data
  • Allows you to identify major demands in a selected area, including customers affected by service interruptions or system changes
  • Predefined reports will keep you informed of all processes and results

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