GLOBALG.A.P Compound Feed Manufacturing

​Food safety, as well as environmental protection, starts with primary production. Safe and suitable animal feed is an integral part of the food chain, forming the basis of a farm assured livestock and aquaculture production. The GLOBALG.A.P Compound Feed Manufacturing (CFM) standard specifically defines requirements for producers of compound feed.

What is the GLOBALG.A.P Compound Feed Manufacturing Standard?

The GLOBALG.A.P Compound Feed Manufacturing standard version 2.0 was released in March 2010. The standard sets rules and regulations for assurance of compound feed manufacturing processes. Certification according to this standard is mandatory for suppliers to farms and hatcheries certified according to version 4.0 of the GLOBALG.A.P Integrated Farms Assurance standards, in order to assure compliance to GLOBALG.A.P requirements also in feed input to the production.

If the compound feed contains fishmeal and/or fish oil, the species used and its country of origin must be identified. Proof has to be provided that the compound feed does not contain ingredients originating from species listed as critically endangered or endangered according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.

The GLOBALG.A.P Compound Feed Manufacturing standard focuses on:

  • Food safety
  • Workers’ welfare
  • Environment

Why certify to the GLOBALG.A.P Compound Feed Manufacturing standard?

The consumers’ increasing demand for confidence in safe and sustainable food, the foodstuff producers’ need to produce affordable food in a sustainable way, and retailers’ need for a dependable tool for evaluation of their suppliers are basic motivations for certification.

Certification will give producers several benefits:

  • Better and easier access to the market.
  • Clear agreements and dialogue with customers.
  • Opportunity to supply to GLOBALG.A.P IFA v 4.0 certified farms and hatcheries.

How can I prepare for certification?

Follow these steps to prepare for certification:  

  • Contact DNV - Business Assurance to get more information on the certification scheme.
  • Become familiar with the GLOBALG.A.P. Compound Feed Manufacturing standard. You can download standard documents for free from the GLOBALG.A.P website.
  • Give clear responsibility for progress to a person within your organization.
  • Make sure you have a clear purpose and understanding of what you want to accomplish through the certification process. 

DNV - Business Assurance is third party certification body. We provide relevant training and certification services.

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GLOBALG.A.P Compound Feed Manufacturing

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