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Hospital infection control software for reporting and managing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs)

Hospital infection control software

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are a significant risk for patients in hospitals, surgical centres, nursing homes, rehab facilities, ambulatory clinics and other healthcare-related settings. The Center for Disease Control estimates that the United States annually has 1.7 million hospital acquired infections, causing nearly 99,000 deaths and costing USD 28 billion to 33 billion each year.

The hospital infection control software in Synergi Life helps you report and manage hospital-acquired infections.

Synergi Life's Hospital Infection Management module contains report forms, case processing support, root cause analysis (RCA), statistic and reports, ultimately forming the basis of improved routines and experience transfer. We help you identify and manage potential risks for hospital-acquired infections.

With the hospital infection control software, you can analyse the number of infections versus treatments and the number of infections versus occupancy. The hospital infection management system provides the basis for strategic planning to prevent infections, enables supervision of potential epidemics and makes it easy to compare performance at different units in the organization. With Synergi Life, you will take control of your risk rates and be able to take mitigative actions to prevent unwanted events, reducing your exposure to HAI costs.

Hospital Infection Management

Learn from reported nonconformities, improve patient safety and decrease the number of hospital readmissions using effective hospital infection management. Synergi Life's Hospital Infection Management module helps you manage risk of hospital acquired infections by supporting:

  • Management and control of hospital-acquired infections
  • Strategic planning to prevent infections
  • Supervision of potential epidemics
  • Comparison of unit performance
  • Statistics and reports
  • Benchmarking
  • Experience transfer
  • Reporting using simple and advanced report forms
  • Management of possibilities
  • Feedback
  • Automatic generation of patient files

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No other software can compete with Synergi Life. At Vestre Viken, Synergi Life has come to stay.

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