IEC 60870-5 conformance testing

Independent IEC 60870-5 conformance testing and support from a partner with unrivalled experience.

Smooth operation of today’s transmission & distribution networks demands seamless communication between substations and the SCADA control centre. For this, all telecontrol subsystems need to work correctly, alone and with each other. Conformance to the IEC 60870-5 standard shows TSOs and DSOs that devices offer the quality and interoperability they need.

Demonstrating quality and interoperability
DNV offers independent IEC 60870-5 conformance testing to help you demonstrate the status and value of your device. Our highly skilled engineers perform conformance testing either at our state-of-the-art laboratories, or at a location of your choosing. During testing, the behavior of the complete device is verified against the requirements of the standard. We can also test for specific functionalities/profiles as requested.

Upon successful completion, you receive an Attestation of Conformity and detailed test report. Thanks to our global reputation for impartiality and quality, this provides potential customers with complete confidence in the quality and interoperability of your device.

Support to reach conformance
You can also call on our expert support to help you achieve conformance to the standard including the IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 60870-5-101 protocols. We participate in standardisation bodies and user groups, create software solutions and have performed a huge number of conformance tests. This gives us an intimate understanding of the standard and the challenges in meeting its requirements. Hence our experts can help you understand and provide advice on issues preventing conformance.


IEC 60870-5 conformance testing

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