ISO/TS 29001 – Oil and Gas Management

Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries - Requirements for product and service supply organisations

Due to the inherent risks associated with the oil and gas industry, rigorous conformity to engineering, user and regulatory requirements are required. The industry handles fluids (liquids and gases), often at extreme high pressures, through a variety of products and processes.

Considerations for the safety of personnel are of major importance. Additionally, protection of the environment and of business continuity (maintenance of revenue streams, both for companies and for national economies) require a high level of operational integrity.

What is ISO ISO/TS 29001

ISO/TS 29001 is available for use by manufacturers of oil and gas industry equipment and materials (upstream and downstream), service providers to the oil and gas industry, purchasers of equipment, materials, and services.

The document can also be used for organisations to perform 2nd party auditing of their suppliers, as well as for 3rd party certification purposes.

Benefits of becoming certified

Conformance to ISO/TS 29001 should assist in mitigation of operational risks due to products being in full conformance with specifications and regulations.

Organisations may benefit from this standard if they are:

  • Involved in exploration, production, pipelines, transportation, and refining of petroleum and natural gas products.
  • Involved in the design, manufacture, installation, service, and repair of equipment used in the exploration, production, transportation, and refining of petroleum and natural gas products.
  • Providing technical, operational, and support services to the various industry sectors identified above.

Getting started

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