Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006) services

We are your competent and reliable partner for efficient inspections and effective certification for compliance with MLC, 2006.

Commercial vessels of 500 GT, and above and which trade internationally, are required to carry a MLC, 2006 certificate, as imposed by the MLC convention. These vessels have to carry specific documents such as the Maritime Labour Certificate (MLC) and a Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC) to show that the ships are in compliance with the requirements of the convention. With our large and comprehensive worldwide network, our MLC services are provided by more than 650 local DNV auditors and inspectors at over 300 sites in more than 100 countries. With our commitment to quick decision-making and fast processing times, they work together with you to ensure that the process for your MLC, 2006 certification is handled effectively.

We support you in meeting all your MLC, 2006 needs:

  • Workshops and training for both on-board and onshore staff
  • Gap analysis, DMLC review, inspection and certification
  • Certification of crew manning offices and recruitment and placement service providers
  • Statement of compliance with MLC, 2006 regulation 3.1 and ILO 92/133
  • Noise and vibration checks for newbuilding projects
  • As a shipowner in a non-ratifying country, you may opt for a statement of compliance to facilitate smoother operations

To complement these services, we also provide powerful and user-friendly online tools – such as Corrective Action Plan Reporting, My DNV and IMO Vega – to satisfy your needs.

More effective management systems with “Fit for Purpose”

  • There are no generic checklists, because the audits are tailored to your needs.
  • Where traditional audits only focus on conformity with detailed requirements, we look at the overall effectiveness of your SMS and assess whether it is helping you reach your desired results.
  • With overlapping requirements in ISM, ISPS and MLC, we can combine audits
  • Our data smart audits provide insight on your competitiveness and support you to proactively identify improvement opportunities and manage risk.

For more information on our approach to certification visit Fit for Purpose

We are your one-stop shop for effective, reliable certification needs:

  • Based on our in-depth experience and expertise, we offer shipowners effective inspection and certification services
  • Early involvement at the newbuilding project stage enables effective solutions compliant from day one
  • Prompt and effective solutions due to our in-depth knowledge of flag state requirements and extensive cooperation with flag state administrations

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