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The Quality Management software module in Synergi Life helps you measure and manage performance, perform quality control, promote learning and growth and ensure constant improvement

Quality Management software supporting compliance

Standards and compliance requirements vary across industrial sectors, markets, regions and legislatures. These can be related to managing and controlling quality for operations, products, services, clients, stakeholders and public relations. Achieving compliance with all internal and external requirements, including meeting many different expectations, is an increasingly demanding task. Your organization's ability to measure and manage performance and utilize this information to improve is a critical success factor.

Methodologies and strategies of quality management vary from organization to organization. It's important that the quality management software you choose is flexible and is able to handle moderate to extreme configuration and integration requirements with ease.

The Quality Management software module in Synergi Life and its interactive processes enable you to follow up on proactive initiatives, cost and losses related to operational deviations as well as nonconformities, customer comments and claims. Many customers bring their own preferred approach into Synergi Life. Our QMS software will help you identify areas for improvement and manage change to secure learning and growth.

Quality assurance software from DNV

Synergi Life's quality assurance software supports follow-up of operational nonconformities, deviations, exemptions, customer complaints and customer claims.

Interfacing with your internet and intranet pages, the Quality Management software module supports change and improvement management, so you can secure compliance with adopted standards and legislation.

Identify, document and track losses and trends related to lack of quality, while identifying weaknesses in guides and procedures. Evaluate supply chain efficiency, supplier reliability and vendor viability with DNV's quality assurance software. Evaluate quality performance in all processes, while benchmarking suppliers and partners. Secure stable operations and business process integrity (BPI) with Synergi Life's Quality Management software module.

With the Quality Management software, you can manage change programs and implementation of new standards, statutory requirements and legislation.

With the Quality Management software module you can:

  • Use powerful, fully configurable and easy-to-use QMS software
  • Measure and manage performance
  • Evaluate quality performance in your organization's processes, including quality control of operations, products, services, communication and public relations
  • Follow up operational nonconformities, deviations, exemptions, customer complaints and customer claims
  • Evaluate and benchmark suppliers and partners
  • Identify dysfunctional guides and procedures and subsequently change processes
  • Secure compliance with adopted standards and legislation
  • Identify, document and track trends related to lack of quality
  • Register and follow up supply deviations

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Synergi Life is a brilliant tool for reporting, processing, analysis, administration and planning of traffic safety matters. It helps us visualize the necessity of our work to minimize risk, internally as well as reporting to external bodies, like the National Rail Administration.

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