Supply chain assurance

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable and ethical practices to your customers

ISO 28000

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Organizations in a value chain are required to provide information on sustainable and ethical practices in order to be qualified as suppliers by clients and customers. Our supply chain assurance services help you provide accurate and independently assured information to your customers and improve your business performance. 

Companies continue to face increasing demands to demonstrate responsible and sustainable practices. The pressure comes from multiple direct and indirect stakeholders, such as customers, national and international legislations, global agreements and voluntary standards.

Suppliers’ sustainability influences purchasing decisions Customers are increasingly considering sustainable and ethical criteria when making their procurement choices and strategies. In particular, they scrutinize the origin of raw materials, production methods, their impact and environmental footprint, conditions for workers and the sustainability of resources, just to mention a few issues that influence their purchasing decisions. Increased pressure sets an expectation that suppliers should contribute not only to their customers’ economic success but

to their goals and targets on sustainable development as well. Suppliers may be disqualified or replaced if they do not meet minimum requirements or if incidents occur.

However, to ensure the sustainability, resilience, efficiency and agility of supply chains, the current global and digital business environment poses significant challenges. Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and geographically dispersed, challenging transparency. At the same time, adoption of digital technologies combined with the power of digital connectivity provide new opportunities for traceability and digital assurance in the supply chain.

How we can help

DNV GL offers a suite of audit, inspection and bespoke assurance services to suppliers who need independent assurance of their performance and capability to deliver products and services in a safe, sustainable and responsible manner. Combining deep operational auditing capability, industry-specific knowledge and digital assurance solutions, we help suppliers provide confidence to customers and stakeholders that operational, quality, health and safety,

environmental, ethical and other sustainability requirements are fulfilled.

Through our global network of qualified auditors, we have dedicated professionals in your local market. With operations in more than 100 countries, we ensure that you work with DNV GL representatives who speak your local language and are familiar with national laws and sector-specific regulations. Partnering with DNV GL, we will provide relevant information in advance to ensure that you are prepared for the audit or inspection, including clear indications on required activities and criteria, practical and logistical arrangements and customer-specific requirements.

Supply chain assurance focus areas

Our audits, inspections and bespoke assurance services cover a variety of needs and topics, including:

  • Product safety (including food safety)
  • Traceability of products and raw material
  • Environmental footprint and impact
  • Working conditions and social responsibility
  • Quality
  • Security
  • Counterfeiting
  • Sustainable use of natural resources

What are the benefits?

DNV GL’s supply chain assurance services can help you demonstrate to customers that your operations have been assessed with regards to relevant aspects, which can include operational, quality, health and safety, environmental, ethical and overall sustainability, depending on your specific needs.  The services aim to support you in maintaining

and strengthening your relationships with customers and stakeholders, assuring your company’s credentials and expanding business potential.

Audited suppliers will benefit from DNV GL’s technical expertise, our evidence-based and data-driven insights providing tools to improve product quality, safety and sustainability, reduce lead times and operational costs, enhance brand and reputation and improve cash-flow.

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