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ISO 14001:2015 Management Briefing

Our course has been designed to provide the benefits of an Environmental Management System which include improved operational efficiencies, improved utiliSation of resources, reduced wastage, reduced costs, improved staff morale, improved work environment, and an enhanced corporate image. 

The “environment” in the context of an organisation refers to any element that is present in the surrounding and is capable of having a physical impact on the organisation itself. Surroundings in this context extend from within an organisation to the global system.

Our course also covers important aspects such as the definition and meaning of “environment”, identification of aspects using appropriate techniques and methodologies, and the significance of control methodologies. 

Who Should Attend This Course?

This course is recommended for EMS Lead Auditors, Sustainability Managers, Executives & professionals engaged in preparing for the upgrade of existing Management Systems.

Benefits of Undertaking This Course:

Our ISO 14001:2015 management briefing course provides the following benefits:

  • Introduction to risk and opportunity
  • Identification and enlistment of aspects and their impact
  • Perform risk evaluation and analysis
  • Perform risk mitigation and control
  • Understand the significance and purpose of a management briefing, especially in the context of maintaining quality in an organisation.
  • Adopt a risk-based thinking process for better risk identification


This course can be completed in 2 days.

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