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Enables you to optimize network efficiency

Optimize network efficiency

The Automated Design module is a software tool that enables you to optimize network efficiency and keep costs down by assessing pipe size options for your model with specified loading conditions, material and installation cost and location.

What you get with the Automated Design module

  • Useful in designing new systems or expanding and reconstructing existing networks
  • Enables optimized network efficiency
  • Determines low-cost design for new service areas or major mains replacement efforts
  • Clearly identifies incremental cost by designing to a higher minimum pressure

Automated Design for gas networks

With Automated Design you can find the lowest possible pipe diameter capable of transporting sufficient quantities of gas to required delivery points safely and reliably. 

  • Quickly analyses system design and avoids over-design
  • Operates in single-pressure level networks on data and criteria you provide
  • Pipe installation parameters include internal diameter, material type and installation cost per unit length

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