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Medicine management software to manage unexpected events and accidents within laboratory medicine

Medicine management software

Medical errors in the United States cost more than USD 17 billion annually. Accountability rests increasingly with hospitals. Synergi Life is the software of choice for tracking laboratory medicine incidents, identifying risks, ensuring compliance and improving performance.

With Synergi Life you can learn from reported nonconformities and thereby improving patient safety. Synergi Life offers a medicine management system with a unique ability to share and communicate data. This enables you to capture, track, manage, distribute and report performance and results by standardizing the entire laboratory medicine management process at one or multiple facilities.

Benefits include Synergi Life’s intuitive user interface, simple creation of internal and external reports and comparison of performance in different units. Your healthcare organization will have system tailored to track preventive and corrective actions. It is designed to fully meet all legal and compliance requirements. Statistical reports indicating similarities in sources of risk give you the opportunity to proactively address issues and prevent harm to patients.

Reporting is fundamental in detecting patient safety problems. When a system of reporting  non-conformities is implemented, our experience shows a marked decrease in the number of incidents.

With Synergi Life's Laboratory Medicine Management software module, you can efficiently manage all unexpected events and accidents within laboratory medicine.

Laboratory Medicine Management system - key points:

  • Efficient medicine management system for unexpected events and accidents
  • Report forms are easy to generate in the software
  • Categorization
  • Ability to register frequent pre-analytic incidents in the medicine management solution
  • Ability to create actions to prevent future incidents
  • Statistics provide insight into improved medicine management systems

With Synergi Life Laboratory Medicine Management's solutions you can

  • Manage unexpected events and accidents at hospitals, pharmacies and other health care facilities
  • Transfer experience through the medicine management solution
  • Collect feedback
  • Analyse causes
  • Register frequent pre-analytic incidents for statistical purposes
  • Categorize incident reporting
  • Identify performed actions
  • Close the incident

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