National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards Accreditation

NSQHS Standards Accreditation. DNV is JAS-ANZ accredited, ACSQHC Approved. Accrediting Agency for the NSQHS Standards

DNV provides a risk focused assessment of your organisation’s compliance with the requirements of the National Safety and Quality in Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

The key principles of NSQHS Standards Certification include:

  • Governance of the healthcare service
  • Partnering with consumers
  • Prevention and Management of Healthcare Associated Infections
  • Medication Safety & Reporting Requirements
  • Patient Identification & Procedure Matching
  • Clinical Handover
  • Blood & Blood Products and Safety
  • Prevention and Management of Pressure Injuries
  • Recognising and Responding to Clinical Deterioration; Medical emergencies
  • Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls

Accreditation programme

DNV’s three-year program comprises an organisation wide assessment and mid cycle reviews of the NSQHS at 18 monthly intervals by professional auditors for whom auditing is a core competency.  This frequency provides an incentive to maintain your own internal audit programmes, calibration regimes, safety and quality practices and preventive actions.

Where organisations have opted for an additional standard such as ISO 9001, a program of regular annual visits will be prepared. The culture of annual audit visits sponsors a greater audit awareness amongst personnel and management, greater responsiveness to risk management strategies and prompt feedback about changes to operating environment and legislation including advisories issued by Commission.

There is no requirement to prepare a presentation for auditors or submit self-assessment documentation.

Benefits for your business

Certification to the NSQHS standards is a regulatory requirement for all:

  • Public and Private Hospitals
  • Day Surgeries
  • Cosmetic Surgery Clinics undertaking defined procedures in NSW
  • Public Dentistry Services

The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards provide a robust framework for governance, consumer engagement and optimum safety and quality outcomes for patients across all range of health service organisations.

Transferring to DNV

Talk to us about transferring your accreditation. We recognise all accreditations from approved accrediting agencies and can transfer certifications from other JAS-ANZ accredited bodies.

Accreditation of New Health Services (Interim Accreditation) See Advisory 16/03

Health services should undergo onsite assessment within 10 working days from the commencement of service provision.

Organisations that meet the specified requirements for new health services accreditation will be awarded interim accreditation, and must undertake an accreditation review within 12 months of the initial assessment to gain full accreditation status.