TickITplus - IT quality management

This industry benchmark helps companies improve and develop IT capabilities.

Organizations operate in a digital world. Relying heavily on technology, managers and IT professionals demand more of the supporting processes and infrastructure. TickITplus aims to meet these increased demands. Combining with ISO 9001, it provides requirements for an IT quality management system. 

What is TickITplus

The original TickIT scheme launched in 1991 was replaced by TickITplus in 2011. Providing guidance on how to interpret ISO 9001 in the IT systems & software contact, TickITplus sets forth: 

  • a process model formally based on IT sector best practice standards.
  • graded certification levels providing a quantifiable measure of your organisation’s capability.
  • integration with ISO 9001 certification and optional extensions to ISO/IEC 27001 (security) and ISO/IEC 20000-1 (IT service management).
  • improvements planning and assessment required at all TickITplus levels.

Benefits of becoming certified 

Certification to TickITplus encourages and promotes continuous improvements. It supports IT process development that meet business needs, which embeds and builds good practices internally and communicates confidence toward external stakeholders.  

TickITplus helps you:

  • Monitor, improve and develop processes to increase capability
  • Gain flexibility to evolve with IT and software companies worldwide
  • Create efficiencies and engagement by training and involving staff
  • Easy integration with other quality management system standards
Certification provides better criteria for any supplier selection process and offers a clear indication of suppliers’ capability and organizational maturity. This enables any supplier to differentiate in the market and sourcing companies better supply chain risk management.

Getting started

Certification starts with implementing an effective software quality management system in line with the requirements of the standard. DNV is an accredited third-party certification body for all quality management system standards and can such help you through your journey. We are ready to support your from training to gap-analysis and self-assessment tools to TickITplus or any integrated certification needs you may have.